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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dry Spots?

In this picture I was blinded by the sun lol.... if you notice my cheeks and forehead I have like these dry spots or aging spots... I'm not sure what it is.... but it really bugs me!! Anyone have this or know a solution to get softer smoother looking skin?


  1. hey girl! ok so this might sound weird but i use a tooth brush on my face! like once every 2 weeks! but especially in the winter the dry patches come so dont worry i have them too! but what i do is i wash my face as i normally would an then i grab my tooth brush and just "gently" scrub its like if i was using those fancy smansy "neutrogena wave" and after all i do is moistruize pretty heavily especially at night lather it up and i say "soak it in face!" haha ok you dont have to say that lol but yeah an in the morning i wash again i noticed that in the winter months skin gets flaky! so i also use "Dove" bar soap for "winter care" it smells divine! and i feel like it helps! hope that i helped!! love your HUURR girl!

  2. Thx Im definitely going to try that. Hopefully it works for me too.

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    Thanks doll,
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  4. Kind of like the Neutrogena wave, try the Olay Profession Pro-X Advanced Cleaning System. It's EXACTLY like a Clairsonic, except it's $30 opposed to $200.

    Check out Olay's site, it's worth $30!!

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