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Thursday, November 4, 2010



Quality time with your significant other ... Gotta love it!! Me and my boyfriend had the urge to eat Mongolian food the other day. So we literally busted a mission to go to our Downtown mall and grab some. MM MM good! After we got our food we headed to a local marina area. A spot where people go to fish. It was so peaceful and serene. You could just hear the splash of the waves and birds, mother nature! I actually climbed into a tree with the help of my lovely assistant(bf). Haven't climbed a tree in literally years LOL. I felt like a little kid but its all good.... The pictures above were taken at the spot we ate and the video if from when we got out the car walking through the mall to our destination. It was a good day. Have you ever ate Mongolian food & do you like it if so?

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