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Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 7

Dream wedding. Most girls I suppose dream of this special day starting when their a little girl. A princess wedding. Me on the other hand have never wanted to get married or actually dreamt of my wedding day. I guess I'm weird like that? When I was 12 my grandma used to say "yeah some day when you get married..." blah blah.. & I used to reply No grandma I don't want to get married ever! She probably thought it was a phase, but here I am 23 and still the same thought. I do want to be with my special someone/soul mate forever and have children some day, but I'm not really thinking about marriage. To me it's one of those things that if it happens it happens. If I got married I would just want to do it through court and that's it!

But just to amuse you... if i ever would want a dream wedding... i would want something like this...

Beach/Park wedding... definitely Not your traditional type of girl


  1. You have a cute blog.

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  2. So cute and simple. I like the idea.