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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

Yesterday was black friday... I went to old navy really early about 3:30 a.m. There was so many people there already. I bought a couple of scarfs, knitted hat, jeans, and a couple of sweaters. Me and my boyfriend were in line for awhile. We got out of their about 5 something. i was exhausted and that was only one store we went in... so i was sort of disappointed we couldn't go to anymore stores BUT when i got home i shopped online... So much better then standing in line! Only things is now im waiting anxiously for the mail to come with my stuff... haha. I bought some stuff from Charlotte Russe and best buy. I bought a new camera... im excited for that. Im still waiting for my order i made to didn't know it would take this long! Then the holiday is making it longer... but im expecting all my stuff next week :) EXcept some eyelashes i bought on ebay ... their coming from Hong Kong so that may take awhile.

Bought this at walgreens like a week ago... i was in desperate need of a nail filer! I got the Tresemme Finishing Spray and Root Boosting Spray just because i thought bottles were pretty.

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